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BELIEF FX is an independent online platform for discovering and comparing brokers. We present only high quality and reliable brokers such as Exness , FXTM , Tickmill, next to which your brokerage company can be represented.

Our goal is to help retail investors find the best broker for them. We feature brokers even if we do not have a business relationship with them. Our partnerships and sponsorship agreements do not affect the ranking or ratings of brokerage firms on BELIEF FX.

Along the way and in our daily work, we see success not only in our visitor numbers, but also in user feedback and media coverage. BELIEF FX is now a recognized and trusted source of information in the industry, with dozens of brokers and other financial service providers contacting us every month. This page is intended to help our current and future partners understand what we offer.


Our strategy

We evaluate the same 9 key areas and criteria for all brokers. In total, we review almost 500 criteria for each broker. So far we have reviewed 101 brokers, which means we have collected more than 50,000+ data points in total

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Aarush Lanka

I just wanted to give you a big thanks! I really enjoyed your website, searching for the best broker for my wishes. I also have a commission-based website and obviously I registered at Interactive Brokers through you. Especially the easy to understand fees table was great! Thanks again, keep up the amazing work!"

Rishi Parikh
International Sales and Marketing graduate

"Thank you guys, I can hands down say you are one of the greatest built websites I have ever used. Everything is done with so much detail and information, it helped me so much in narrowing down the broker options. I am fairly new to this and a website such as yours has been incredibly helpful and you can be sure I will recommend you to everyone. Thank you for the great work!!"

Anuj Dani

“Thank you for your work, it is oftentimes difficult to find information about the best online brokers and you make it very easy and clear!”

Surendra Saxena

“Your content is very detailed, includes every relevant data and I can see that you've done extensive research on each broker! I like, that you don't just gather information but you also test the brokers yourselves.”

Prabhat Rana

“I'm astonished at the quality and the amount of information you guys put out for completely free. It's one of the amazing things about the internet. You get this very high quality output and it's completely free. So I think you guys are wonderful!”

Use our audience

Another way to work with us is to leverage our audience through a remarketing pixel. Advertisers (currently brokers) can place their retargeting pixel on the BELIEF FX website - on any page. Again, this only applies to brokers who meet our quality criteria; however, you do not have to be on BELIEF FX to place an ad.

Everyone who visits BELIEF FX will be tagged, and the advertiser can target their paid advertising to these people when they visit other sites on the Internet.

With our product, brokers are able to instantly target a large pool of their audience. Brokers who buy media know that it is very expensive and difficult to target the right audience through paid media channels, and are also aware of the significant value of the right audience built through retargeting pixels.


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